Four photos of secondary students in school uniform.


We are very proud of the graduates of our Loretto College community! See what some of our former students have to say.

An image of Vanessa smiling at the camera

Vanessa Pontes

Registered Physiotherapist


"I chose Loretto because it is an amazing community for growth and learning. It is where I was able to explore different academic fundamentals that led me to my career and was also the place where I established many friendships which I still have to this day."

An image of Angelica smiling at the camera

Angelica Dourado

Media Producer

BA Fine Arts, Post Grad Certificate Television Writing and Producing

“Quite simply put, my time at Loretto College not only shaped me into the woman I am today but it also helped me to start understanding my place in this world."

"Although I didn’t have the vocabulary to speak to it then and the life experience to fully comprehend how impactful it would be, I now look back with great admiration for the staff, the young women who were my peers and the safe haven that was the building. The world has changed a lot since I graduated, however, the foundation that LCS gave me allowed me to have the tools and confidence to conquer any mountain."

"Since graduating, I went on to receive my Degree in Film Theory at York University and my post-graduation certification in Television Writing and Producing at Humber College. I currently work in the Television industry and hope to only continue conquering mountains. Of course along the way, create space for all women, especially women who look like me.”

An image of Karen smiling at the camera

Karen Moreira

Registered Physiotherapist


"I always tell everyone that one of the best decisions I’ve made in life was going to Loretto. Going to an all-girl school provided an environment where I felt comfortable and safe to express myself completely. The group of girls I met in those four years have become my lifelong friends and sisters. The teachers I had helped shape and mold me into the young professional I am today. With the support and guidance from my teachers I was able to find my path to university where I eventually went on to complete my masters in physiotherapy. Today I practice as a registered orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist in a private clinic and at a hospital. I wholeheartedly believe that Loretto played such an important part in leading me to where I am today. If I had to do it all over again I’d do it in a heartbeat!"

An image of Sara smiling at the camera

Sara Alves

Dental Hygienist

"Attending Loretto College will always be one of the four most memorable moments of my life. Because going to Loretto allowed me to be me in a comfortable environment. I was still undergoing self improvement qualities in myself, and being in an all girl classroom allowed me to improve on myself at my own pace. Throughout those four years I gained the best foundation of true friendship, independence, value of being a successful women, leadership skills, and an academic achievement that allowed me to achieve what I wanted to be; a dental hygienist. Loretto will always be my first choice!"

An image of Liana smiling at the camera

Liana Paolella

Early Childhood Educator

"Loretto College provided me with more than a high school education; it helped me become who I am today. The Loretto College community is rich and full of support and love for each student that walks through the school. During my time at LCS, the teachers and staff showed compassion and dedication not only towards meeting my educational goals but also towards my emotional and religious development. I credit LCS for helping me come out of my shell. I developed lifelong friendships and found a sense of belonging within the community. When I look back to my high school days, I realize how fortunate I was to attend Loretto College. It gave me the tools I needed to pursue my goals and be confident in who I am. After my experience at LCS, I went on to study Early Childhood Education. I am currently working on my degree in Child Development and hope to be accepted into a Masters program in the future."