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The History of Loretto College School
1913 - 1999​


       ​ ​While the sod was turned and the cornerstone blessed for this new building in September 1913, classes actually began in the three-story house at the back of the property. The commercial students from 81 Bond Street transferred to “Casa” in Octob​er 1913, and the music pupils from 538 Dovercourt Road came in 1914. When the main building opened, Casa became a residence.
       ​ ​In September 1915, “Loretto Abbey Day School” opened in the new building at 387 Brunswick Avenue. The school comprised about 200 girls from Grades 1 to 13, including boarders and day students; the commercial and music students from Casa; and small boys from Grades 1 to 3.
       ​ ​In 1918, when Loretto College moved into this building from the old Abbey, the name was changed to “Loretto Abbey Day School and College,” and gradually became “Loretto College School,” remaining so even after the College moved to 86 St. George Street in 1937. As the High School continued to grow, Casa and Bains (purchased in 1947) were demolished in May 1953 to make way for the new school building north of 387 Brunswick, which opened in September 1954.
        ​ ​The Junior School closed in June 1949. The boarding school closed c. 1960, the Secretarial Department in 1981. The Music Department and High School continued to grow, absorbing more space in the Convent building, and, from 1986-2001, expanding into a ‘south campus.’ A modern new facility for “Loretto College School” was already under construction by the Toronto Catholic Separate School Board when a fire in the Convent building on December 3, 1999, caused serious smoke damage. As a result, the Sisters moved from the premises at that time, and the school on Brunswick Avenue closed in June 2001.
       ​ ​​(The beautiful new Loretto College School officially opened in September 2006, at 151 Rosemount Avenue. 387 Brunswick Avenue is now a beautiful new condo, appropriately named “The Loretto,” and the north school building is in the process of renovations for condos also.)​
                                                                                                                                       Source: IBVM​​