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Sisters in Spirit Day

October 4 is Sisters in Spirit Day. On this day, we honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people, support grieving families, and create opportunities for healing.

The violence experienced by Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people in Canada is a genocide.

Sisters in Spirit Vigils

A vigil can take many forms, from a moment of silence, to a rally, to a community feast. All that is important is that you take some time on or around October 4th to mark the day.

What You Can Do

  • Take a moment of silence with your school/class to recognize the day and its significance.

  • Light a candle in your home/school/class window during the day and/or this evening.

  • Download and print out these Red Heart and White Heart​ images and write a message of strength, hope, and memorial to honour and celebrate Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirit people on it. After filling out ​a heart you can create a display of all the messages on a wall or window.

Visit Native Women's Association of Canada for more information.