First photo shows four bowls of coloured rice flour that will be used to make colourful kolam art. Second photo shows a group of students and staff in Tamil traditional dress posing on stage after a performance for Tamil Canadian Heritage Month. Third photo shows a group of dancers in Traditional Dress posing on stage after a dance performance. Fourth photo shows a lotus leaf resting on a banana leaf, with a flower garland around it and a lantern placed in front.

Tamil Canadian Heritage Month

Tamil Canadian Heritage Month poster

January is Tamil Canadian Heritage Month. It is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Tamil Canadians to Canada and an occasion to acknowledge and enjoy​ the narratives and wisdom of the Tamil culture.

Tamil Canadian Heritage Month Website

Our Tamil Canadian Heritage Month Committee has created a resource website complete with lesson plans, information, upcoming events and more!

Celebration Videos

Please enjoy this traditional Pushpanjali dance performed by Shashmiya S. and Sharmiya S., two talented students from St. Maria Goretti Catholic School, in celebration of Tamil Canadian Heritage Month. The Pushpanjali dance, which is performed with flowers, allows the dancers to offer flowers in prayer to the lord, and to express their gratitude to the audience.

2024 Events and Registration


Refer to the following Tamil Canadian Heritage​​​ Month proclamation:

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