Four photos of students dressed in traditional Portuguese clothing to perform at an event celebrating Portuguese Canadian Heritage.

Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month

Banner for Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month - The top left says Celebrating Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month on a background of yellow and green. Below is the quote "A minha pátria é a língua portuguesa" - "My homeland is the Portuguese language." by Fernando Pessoa. Below is the circular TCDSB logo. On the right side of the banner is a graphic of twelve vector fish arranged radially in a circle, with each fish filled in with the flag of one of the Portuguese speaking countries. Bottom right is the credit for the banner - Carolina Tesa, Graphic Designer.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) celebrates Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month each June.

Feliz Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas!


WHEREAS in 2001 the Government of Canada enacted June 10th as Portugal Day and the month of June as Portuguese Heritage Month;

AND WHEREAS the Portuguese Canadian communities, which have contributed towards the growth and development of our country since the year 1500, continue to make many significant contributions to our society and to enrich it with its history, language, culture and work ethic;

AND WHEREAS the history of the Toronto Catholic District School Board is rich in Portuguese traditions and culture, as seen through student, parent and staff representation;

AND WHEREAS June 10th is the anniversary of the death of Luis de Camoes, Portuguese poet who wrote the Lusiads epic poems narrating the history of Portugal;

THEREFORE, we, on behalf of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, do hereby proclaim June as "Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month" in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.