First photo is of a Black History Month display at the CEC showing a cross with traditional African fabric draped on it, as well as informative posters about notable Black saints. Second and third photos are of students presenting at an African Canadian Heritage Month event. Fourth photo is of an altar with the TCDSB cross carved in wood, as well a traditional African drum and vase.

African Canadian Heritage​​​ Month

Banner for African Canadian Heritage Month, showing a yellow background accented with red and green, bordered at the top and bottom with flags showcasing African textile patterns. In the middle is a black panel outlined in red. On the left side of this panel, below the circular TCDSB logo, are the words "THIS FEBRUARY WE CELEBRATE AFRICAN CANADIAN HERITAGE MONTH AT THE TCDSB". On the right side is the quote "Black history is not just for Black people, Black history is Canadian history." by Jean Augustine.

Every February, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) joins Canadians nation-wide in activities that honour the legacy of African Canadians, past and present. It is a time to learn more about these Canadian stories and the many important contributions African-Canadians have made to the settlement, growth and development of Ontario and Canada.

There are many individuals of African descent who have left a lasting impact on Canadian society, leading to change and growth. We see notable African Canadians as some of our greatest heroes - people we continue to look up to as great leaders and role models.

It was the Honourable Jean Augustine, one of the first black women elected to Canadian government, who made the official motion declaring February as Black History Month in Canada. It is thanks to her efforts that we have an entire month dedicated to notable African Canadians.

This month, let us continue to celebrate our Canadian heroes and be reminded that, through perseverance, we can all achieve great things in our life.

Black History 365

Information on Black History 365, our offering of African Canadian Heritage celebration events planned for the 2023-2024 school year, can be found below:


The TCDSB has created a variety of African Canadian Heritage resources for you to access, including webinars, workshops and presentations. These resources are always changing and evolving. We strive to highlight Canadian resources, but have welcomed many more from other countries.


Refer to the following African Canadian Heritage​​​ Month proclamation: