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Programs and Services

Student Nutrition

Student Nutrition Programs (SNP) in the City of Toronto are supported by Student Nutrition Ontario - Toronto (SNO - Toronto).

SNO - Toronto is a collaborative community advisory partnership. Together, Toronto Foundation for Student Success​ (TFSS), Toronto Public Health (TPH), the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), the Angel Foundation for Learning (AFL), Foodshare Toronto, Second Harvest and Thorncliffe Park work in partnership to support Student Nutrition Programs.

In the TCDSB, one hundred and sixty four (164) schools are currently running one hundred and seventy five (175) student nutrition programs. Collectively​, these programs serve the needs of over 60,000 students on a daily basis. ​

Student Nutrition Program Types​

  • Programs offer breakfast or morning meals, lunches and/or snacks.

  • A meal (i.e., breakfast, morning meal and lunch programs) contains at least one serving from a minimum of three out of the four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide with a minimum of one serving of vegetables and/or fruit and one serving of milk or milk alternatives at every meal.

  • A minimum of one serving of grain products or meat or alternative is required at every meal.

  • Breakfast programs serve meals to children and youth prior to the start of the school day while morning meal programs offer meals to children and youth after the morning bell.

  • A snack program contains a minimum of two food groups of Canada’s Food Guide with a minimum of one serving of vegetables and/or fruit at every snack.

A variety of program models exist including, but not limited to:

  • “Grab ‘n go” programs where food is set up in a central area for students to take on their way to class.

  • Bin programs, where nutritious food is delivered to the classroom in a reusable bin.

  • A sit-down meal or snack typically served buffet style.

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