Photo of Father John Redmond students standing with CTV news anchors to be interviewed.
An image consists of a green background, pencil and calendar.
An image of the Catholic Education Centre building entrance with Top Scholars 2022-2023 written on it.
A group of 6 students in navy and white uniform smiling at the camera.
An image of the Catholic Education Centre entrance. Year-End Message from the Director of Education and Chair of the Board
Banner - TCDSB's Unsung Heroes
Banner - Group photo of the dragon boating team with their medals
Photo of Claudia receiving the award from the Kiwanis International members.
An image of a female holding and reading her mobile phone - Communications to Families
Photo of FJR students with the bags and boxes of items donated.
Happy World Principal' Day - Celebrating Principals and Vice-Principals
Graphic for Asian Canadian Heritage Month, showing a silhouette at the bottom in red of the Toronto skyline. In a circle around the silhouette of the CN Tower are drawn diverse symbols of Asian faith, heritage and culture, including a hand fan, an elephant, a cherry blossom, a camel, a lotus flower, a paifang, and more. On the left of the circle is a cherry blossom branch with pink cherry blossoms flowering on it. Graphic for Polish Canadian Heritage Month, showing colourful vector drawings of flowers, leaves, cockerels and feathers reminiscent of the style of wycinanki Polish folk art.
Banner - Photo of three administrative professionals at a computer terminal in an office
Banner - Photo of Morgen holding the scholarship cheque.
Banner - Group photo of Maya, Claudia, Jennifer, Diana, John and the Kiwanis President's Dinner hosts at a dinner table.
Banner - Unsung Heroes
An image of a calendar with a pencil on top of a light green background
Banner - Photo of Daniel with his teammates Aaron and Hassan
Group photo of the Father John Redmond Senior Choir posing with their instruments, along with their director Ms. Mirela Pilaf.
An abstract background with 'Budget Consultation - Share Your Feedback' written on it.