A group of students in a gym wearing red shirts
An image of Jesus pointing his finger at his heart.
An illustration with 3 people dancing and celebrating in the background. The following text appears on top of the background image: All my relations. June is Indigenous History Month.
An image consists of 3 pictures: left picture includes 2 students speaking at a Filipino Canadian Heritage Month event; middle picture has a group of students celebrating Italian Canadian Heritage Month; right picture has 2 students singing and celebrating Portuguese Canadian Heritage Month.
A group of students and teachers.
An image of a heart in multi-colors with "June is Pride Month - Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Harmony, Spirit' written on it.
Collage of photos of FJR students at the relay, along with a photo of Mrs. Mulligan receiving her award from Trustee Lubinski
Photo of FJR students with the bags of donations they collected and prepared
An picture consists of 3 graphics illustrating chat, speech and hearing with 'May is Speech, Language and Hearing Month' written on the image.
An image consists of 2 pictures representing Asian Canadian Heritage Month and Polish Canadian Heritage Month
Group photo of SJOA track and field team with their three TDCAA championship banners
Five people posing in formal attire.
Two police officers posing with a student holding a certificate
An image of an empty classroom with 'Happy World Principals' day - Celebrating Principals and Vice-Principals' written on it.
Photo of Amelia holding the $36 000 scholarship cheque
Banner - 4 students posing at a desk with cake pops
Students posing on a stage
An image of a female holding and reading her smartphone, with 'communications to families' written on the picture.
Students posing with signs that read "We need to pull together" and "be more than an ally"