An image consists of the four candles of Advent.
An illustration for National Indigenous Veterans Day featuring  a green helmet with a turtle island graphic on it.
An illustration of poppies, with the TCDSB logo and "Lest we forget. Remembrance Day" written on the image.
Internment Commemoration Day - October 28
Banner - October is Autism Awareness Month
A poster that reads October is Latin Hispanic Canadian Heritage Month
An illustration of a group of people looking left and right.
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation with an Orange Shirt illustration.
A group of students wearing Vyshyvankas smiling at the camera.
A group of 6 students in navy and white uniform smiling at the camera.
An image of the Catholic Education Centre building entrance with Top Scholars 2022-2023 written on it.
An image consists of a green background, pencil and calendar.
An image of the Catholic Education Centre entrance. Year-End Message from the Director of Education and Chair of the Board
Banner - TCDSB's Unsung Heroes
The inside of a school library with book shelves.
An image consists of yellow/orange background, green waves and music notes with 2 people playing musical instruments and 1 person dancing.
A graphic poster with different elements celebrating Filipino heritage, including flag, map, church, coconut, mountain, tarsier and Jeepneys.
An illustration of Indigenous History Month with the following text: All my relations. June is Indigenous History Month.
An illustration of a multi-colored heart-shape graphic with the following text: June is Pride Month. Life. Healing. Sunlight. Nature. Harmony. Spirit.
An image of a female holding and reading her mobile phone - Communications to Families