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Assessment Department 

Protect and preserve Catholic education by ensuring you are registered as an English Separate school supporter


Roman Catholic parents, ratepayers and members of the Eastern Rite in union with the See of Rome, must complete an Application for Direction of School Support form in order to direct their support to Catholic schools.


Frequently Asked Questions.   

How do I find out if I'm registered as an English Catholic School supporter?

Check your most recent Property Assessment Notice, or contact the Assessment Department at the Toronto Catholic District School Board, by phone at 416-222-8282 ext. 2446, or 2283.


Can a non-Catholic support Catholic Schools?

Only Catholics can support a Separate School Board.  A Separate School Support Lease form allows people who jointly own or rent a property to designate school support to the Separate School Board when one of the owners or tenants is non-Roman Catholic.


The Separate School Lease Agreement allows the Roman Catholic joint owner or tenant the right to designate the school support for the non-Roman Catholic.  Otherwise, the English-Public designation applies as per the Assessment Act.


Will my English Separate School support designation change if I purchase a new home?

If you purchase a new home or if you are a tenant your Catholic school support designation does not follow you.  As soon as any change is made to your address, your school support designation is defaulted to English-Public. You must fill out a new Application for Direction of School Support form to change your school support to English Separate.

We don't have children attending school.  Do we need to direct our school support?

Yes!  Direction of school support should be made even if you do not have children attending school.  All Catholic ratepayers are partners in Catholic education.  As well, your school support entitles you to vote for Catholic school trustees in municipal elections.  Ultimately, your commitment will make a difference to the future of Catholic education and demonstrate to the province, the ongoing support of the general public to the Catholic school system in Ontario.


Will my taxes increase if I support Catholic schools?

No. Changes to the direction of school support do not result in any additional cost to taxpayers.  




Forward completed forms to the attention of the Assessment Department at the Toronto Catholic District School board by:


Mail: 80 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto ON, M2N 6E8

Fax: 416-229-7053

Email: Spencer Comfort -


The future of Catholic Education in Ontario depends on all of us!