A girl holding a pen and typing on a laptop.

Digital Store

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is committed to providing to our community with hardware and software resources and offers to support digital literacy, creativity, innovation, collaboration,​ and the overall needs and aspirations of all students.

Below are some of the resources and offers available to TCDSB students.

Personal Devices and Accessories 

For families with the means to purchase their own devices for student learning, the TCDSB has summarized some technical guidance and recommendations, as well as options from some vendors.

Please note that these are simply offerings that have been extended to the TCDSB community. The TCDSB does not have formal agreements with these vendors.

Review our Personal Devices for Students document for more information on our recommendations and relevant offers. Be sure to check the estimated ship date before confirming your order, as you may want to change your order for something that may be available sooner.

Rogers' Connected for Success: Low-Cost Internet

Rogers' Connected for Success program offers high-speed, low-cost internet across Ontario to subsidized tenants, seniors, families with children, and to individuals receiving disability and income support. 

Interested in applying for the Connected for Success program? Visit the Rogers website for more information.

Office 365 Pro Plus 

The Office365 Pro Plus application is free for all TCDSB students. Get the latest Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and OneNote across all your devices.

To access the application, go to Office 365 and login with your student user ID (example format: studentuserid@tcdsb.ca) and your student computer password.

If you do not know your student login information, please contact your school for assistance.

Microsoft Education Store

Get student discounts and deals on a variety of Microsoft products, such as the Microsoft Surface and accessories.

Visit the Microsoft Education Store for more information. 

OnTheHub by Kivuto 

OnTheHub by Kivuto is an online store providing software options from major publishers, including Microsoft, Norton and more.

Visit OnTheHub by Kivuto​ (TCDSB login required) for more information.