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Senior Leadership Team

Meet the Senior Leadership Team of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB).

Headshot of Brendan Browne

Brendan Browne

Director of Education

Twitter: @TCDSBdirector

Dr. Brendan Browne is the Director of Education of the TCDSB. He is a transformational leader with management experience in areas related to literacy and numeracy, special education, classroom management, educational technology, and program evaluation.

Prior to joining us, Dr. Browne executed meaningful systemic change as an Executive Superintendent at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), focusing on inclusion and equity in human resources, financial stewardship, and organizational structures. Dr. Browne also served in the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) for over 20 years, modelling exemplary leadership over 5 years as a Superintendent of Education, and 8 years as a Principal and Vice-Principal. He successfully managed academic and clinical staff, fostered more inclusive practices for teaching and learning, nurtured a commitment to faith formation, and cultivated a positive school climate and positive relationships with the school community.

In collaboration with the Institute for Catholic Education and the Catholic Principals Council of Ontario, Dr. Browne developed four module courses to support ongoing leadership and faith development for Principals as part of a Catholic Leadership Course, and published a book entitled, “Leading for Educational Lives: Inviting and Sustaining Imaginative Acts of Hope in a Connected World”.

As a graduate of the Catholic school system, Dr. Browne understands the importance of applying Catholic values in all that we do.

Headshot of Derek Boyce

Derek Boyce

Associate Director of Corporate Services and Chief Commercial Officer​


Headshot of Adrian Della Mora

Adrian Della Mora

Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Chief Operating Officer


Headshot of Peter Aguiar

Peter Aguiar

Superintendent of Education (Area 7​)


Headshot of Adalgisio (Joe) Bria

Adalgisio (Joe) Bria

Superintendent of Education (Area 2)


Headshot of Michael Caccamo

Michael Caccamo

Superintendent of Nurturing Our Catholic Community / Safe Schools / ​Continuing Education


Headshot of Steve Camacho

Steve Camacho

Executive Superintendent, Technology, Data and Strategic Transformation


Headshot of Shawna Campbell

Shawna Campbell

Executive Superintendent of Education, Field Services Area 3 Schools & Early Years


Headshot of Antonella Ceddia

Antonella Ceddia

Executive General Counsel and Head of Legal Services


Headshot of Flora Cifelli

Flora Cifelli

Superintendent of Education (Area 1)


Headshot of Lynda Coulter

Lynda Coulter

Executive Superintendent of Human Resources, Leadership and Equity


Headshot of George Danfulani

George Danfulani

Superintendent of Education (Area 4)


Headshot of Lori DiMarco

Lori DiMarco

Superintendent of Curriculum Leadership and Innovation


Headshot of Kimberly Dixon

Kimberly Dixon

Superintendent of Education (Area 6)


Headshot of Martin Farrell

Martin Farrell

Superintendent of Environmental Support Services


Headshot of Cristina Fernandes

Cristina Fernandes

Executive Superintendent, Student Achievement, Innovation and Well-Being


Headshot of Lavinia Latham

Lavinia Latham

Human Rights and Equity Advisor


Headshot of Michael Loberto

Michael Loberto

Superintendent of Planning and Development Services


Headshot of Maria Meehan

Maria Meehan

Superintendent of Special Services (Special Education, Mental Health and Well-Being)


Headshot of Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson

Superintendent of Education (Area 8), Parent Engagement


Headshot of Ryan Putnam

Ryan Putnam

Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer


Headshot of Shazia Vlahos

Shazia Vlahos

Chief of Communications and Government Relations


Headshot of John Wujek

John Wujek

Superintendent of Education (Area 5​)


Headshot of Milka Zlomislic

Milka Zlomislic

Superintendent of Capital Development, Asset Management & Renewal