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Delegation Information

Parents, guardians and community members who are interested in Catholic education are welcome to attend public sessions of our Board and Committee meetings.

Each meeting agenda has time set aside to hear delegations. These are brief verbal presentations from parents, guardians and others who wish to inform the Board of Trustees about a concern, idea or initiative at the local or board-wide level.

Delegates are allowed to address the Board in accordance with our Delegations and Public Participation Policy. Please be advised of the limitations of the policy. ​


Delegations are invited to speak for up to 3 minutes during the first part of each session.

Registration Deadline

Potential delegates shall submit a Delegation Registration Form and Written Submission (verbatim speech, which should be separate from any possible PowerPoint presentation/supporting materials) to the Recording Secretary’s Office no later than 12:00 PM, two (2) business days preceding the meeting at which the individual or group intends to delegate.

The following chart provides a timeframe for submissions:

​If the meeting is on:​​

The Delegation Registration Form must be submitted by:


Thursday at 12:00 PM


Friday at 12:00 PM


Monday at 12:00 PM


​Tuesday at 12:00 PM


​Wednesday at 12:00 PM

Registration Form

Anyone wishing to address the Board of Trustees must register by completing an online delegation registration form.

Board and Standing Committee Meetings are Videotaped

All delegations, as well as attendees at Board and Standing Committee meetings are reminded that the proceedings are videotaped and webcast live as they happen. The video footage is also archived and posted to the our website. This does not apply to statutory committees, special committees or advisory committees such as Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) or Catholic Parent Involvement Committee (CPIC).

Private sessions of Board and Committee meetings are not videotaped.

Frequently Asked Questions

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