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International Languages Elementary (ILE) Program

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The International Languages Elementary (ILE) program offers our students valuable opportunities to learn a third language and culture.

The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) has a long history of providing international language programs that broaden our students' horizons and opportunities. When the Ministry of Education established Ontario's Heritage Languages Program in July 1977, the TCDSB already had considerable experience in the field.

As early as 1973, the Board, in cooperation with several community organizations, was piloting "Heritage Languages" classes for some 5,700 children in 14 schools.

Schools that succeed in bringing issues related to cultural and linguistic diversity from the periphery to the center of their mission are much more likely to prepare pupils to thrive in the interdependent global society within which they will live. These schools will communicate to pupils and communities that their access to more than one culture and language is a resource that can enrich the entire school. - Dr. James Cummins


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