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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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TCDSB Digital Store

Discounted educational software & hardware for students and staff

As our students continue to learn and adapt to the rapid advances in technology, the Toronto Catholic District School Board is committed to providing to all of our students and their families, equal access to the latest technology.  We recognize the importance of promoting the 21st Century Competencies by supporting digital literacy, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and the overall needs and aspirations of all students. To that end, the TCDSB continues to be on the leading edge of providing technical upgrades and assistance by providing you with a very special opportunity.
Please read all text on the site as well as any details and fine print in the third party sites.
Please read the Description and System Requirement tabs  for each software title on the Kivuto site for more detailed information about the software.
The OneDrive account associated with Office 365 Pro Plus should be used to save and share school related files.  The Office 365 Pro Plus subscription and the associated OneDrive account are available to students  while enrolled at the Toronto Catholic District School Board.


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 Frequently Asked Questions


Is this software really free?
Yes. This is made possible through a partnership with Microsoft and Kivuto. We are now able to provide our TCDSB students access to Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus and Microsoft Windows 10 Education Edition for free. This software is provided for school homework purposes. Office 365 Pro Plus is free to students of the TCDSB and available for their use while enrolled at the TCDSB. Once the student graduates from, or leaves the Toronto Catholic District School Board, the software and the associated OneDrive account, and any files contained therein, will no longer be available to the student.

What is included in Office 365 ProPlus?
Office 365 ProPlus includes the latest versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote.

How many computers and mobile devices can Office 365 ProPlus be installed on?
The license can be used for up to 5 computers and up to 5 mobile devices (any platform).

When I try to set up Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus, it does not accept my child's e-mail address?
You need to associate the student's school user ID to the account - . Please note that the first part of the account consists of the student's school user ID while the suffix is . Please do not use your personal e-mail address.

How many computers can Windows 10 Education Edition be installed on?
This is a single license to be installed on only one (1) computer.

How important is it to have a secure password?
You can find some useful tips on creating a secure password on the following page: , along with various tips.

How do I find out my TCDSB computer login username and/or password?
All TCDSB students have been issued an email address to facilitate communication and collaboration within the school. They have also been provided with a TCDSB computer login username and password to access TCDSB learning resources. In order to access this online offer the student will need to know his/her TCDSB computer login username and password. If your child does not know his/her login information, please contact your school to ask how to obtain this information.

What is Kivuto?
Kivuto Solutions is a 3rd party software distribution company that specializes in hosted electronic software delivery. Through its web-based solutions, the company offers a platform for institutions to distribute software according to their licensing requirements.




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