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Innovative Exemplary Practice Awards Application Form


Applications must be submitted in their entirety to be considered and all deadlines are final.

Application deadline: March 4, 2022


Innovative Exemplary Practice Guidelines

Please answer the following questions in 250 words or less:

1. Provide a detailed description of the group project/program. Describe the group project/program’s goals, strategies, implementation, timeline, and outcomes. Please summarize current research which supports the project.

2. How does the group project/program align with the strategic directions outlined in TCDSB’s Multi Year Strategic Plan?

3. Describe the involvement of other agencies, support personnel, universities, colleges, local community organizations, private sector, etc. if appropriate.

4. Describe how the project deliberately enhanced student achievement and well-being in the group project/program.

5. Describe assessment and evaluation of the project/program.  Include successful and unsuccessful strategies and attempts.

6. Describe the strategies used to communicate and share the project/program goals, strategies and outcomes to the community.

7. Describe how the group project/program could be replicated in other schools, sites and/or locations.

8. Provide a mandatory video portfolio (save on a memory stick and include it with your hard copy application) showcasing stakeholder voice related to the project/program. Video clip may not exceed 1 minute. Award recipient videos will be presented at the awards ceremony and will be uploaded on the board portal in order to promote capacity building. 

Online Application Form

Please Submit your Project Files (MS Word, PDF, etc) on a memory stick to Dorothy D`Souza at the CEC (File limit of 75mb).
For larger files please upload to your Google Drive and share the folder with Dorothy D`Souza - placing the link in the field box above or within the report file

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