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Multi-Year Strategic Plan

MYSP Banner with TCDSB Logo. Banner text: The Development of a New TCDSB Multi-Year Strategic Plan

The Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) communicates the shared Catholic values and priorities of all stakeholders including students, parents/guardians and staff. 

It is the roadmap of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) that informs our decisions and guides the allocation of resources and our collective actions.

MYSP Survey

The TCDSB is seeking your opinion on the development of the next MYSP.  

Significant stakeholder feedback to date identified three strategic priorities with Catholicity at the core. 

With your opinion, we will refine the priorities identified and work to align our operational plans (e.g., Mental Health Strategy, Pastoral Plan, Capital Plan, Back to School Plan, Board Equity Learning and Improvement Plan and more).

The deadline to complete the survey is November 30, 2021.

Complete the survey today​.​

Developing Our New MYSP

As the 2016-2021 MYSP draws to a close, the Board has already begun the process of developing a new MYSP for the upcoming years.

MYSP Deve​​lopment Timeline

The development of the new MYSP is a collaborative process. It is led by Trustees and Senior Staff and informed by feedback from the TCDSB community. The new MYSP will reflect the priorities and shared Catholic values of the community. Once approved, it will become the guiding document for the Board's collective actions.

The 2021-2022 timeline for the development of the new MYSP is broken down into four phases:

Review & Reflect​
(Mar. - Jun. 2021)
​→ Synthesis & Visioning
(Jul. - Sep. 2021)
Consultation & Development
(Oct. - Dec. 2021)
Communication, Implementation & Monitoring
(Jan. - Nov. 2022)

Gathering Input fro​m Stakeholders

The new MYSP will reflect the feedback received from students, staff, families, and community members. Throughout the development process of the new MYSP, feedback and presentation sessions have been held with various stakeholder groups. The purpose of these sessions was both to elucidate what a MYSP entails and to get feedback from these groups about what priorities and challenges they think the new MYSP should address.

The documents linked below reflect the information presented at these sessions, and the feedback received:


MYSP - Levels of Planning Through the development process above, the Board aims to create a new MYSP that reflects the shared Catholic values of the community, and focuses on the priorities and challenges that the stakeholders highlighted in their feedback.

Once approved, the new MYSP will inform the Board's collective decisions and actions. It​ will also complement planning at the Board and School level, so that the three levels of planning - strategic, board and school - are aligned in terms of value and focus.