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Alphabetical School Directory  

Elementary schools serve students from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Secondary school serve students in grades 9-12. Please select the first letter of your school name from the list below. The prefix "St." is not a keyword; use the second part of the name. For example, St. Mary would be listed under "M" for Mary.

Select a letter of the alphabet to start your search;

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AAll SaintsElementary1435 Royal York Road Weston ON M9P 3A7  416-393-5290416-397-6139
(top^)AnnunciationElementary65 Avonwick Gate Don Mills ON M3A 2M8  416-393-5299416-397-6089
 St AgathaElementary49 Cathedral Bluffs Drive Scarborough ON M1M 2T6  416-393-5302416-397-6040
 St AgnesElementary280 Otonabee Avenue Willowdale ON M2M 2T2  416-393-5345416-393-5021
 St AidanElementary3521 Finch Avenue East Agincourt ON M1W 2S2  416-393-5350416-393-5588
 St AlbertElementary1125 Midland Avenue Scarborough ON M1K 4H2  416-393-5335416-393-5584
 St AlphonsusElementary60 Atlas Avenue Toronto ON M6C 3N9  416-393-5326416-393-5066
 St AmbroseElementary20 Coules Court Etobicoke ON M8W 2N9  416-393-5259416-393-5039
 St AndreElementary36 Yvonne Avenue Toronto ON M3L 1C9  416-393-5410416-397-6452
 St AndrewElementary2533 Kipling Avenue Etobicoke ON M9V 3A8  416-393-5295416-229-7052
 St AngelaElementary220 Mount Olive Drive Rexdale ON M9V 3Z5  416-393-5361416-397-6041
 St Anne Catholic Academy (Jr)Elementary80 Sheppard Avenue East North York ON M2N 6E8416-393-5569 
 St Anne Catholic Academy (Sr)Secondary80 Sheppard Avenue East North York ON M2N 6E8416-393-5569 
 St AnselmElementary182 Bessborough Drive East York ON M4G 3J9  416-393-5243416-397-6320
 St AnthonyElementary130 Shanly Street Toronto ON M6H 1L9  416-393-5210416-393-5793
 St Antoine DanielElementary160 Finch Avenue West Willowdale ON M2N 2J2  416-393-5339416-393-5157
 St AugustineElementary98 Shoreham Drive Downsview ON M3N 1S9  416-393-5328416-393-5156
BBishop Allen AcademySecondary721 Royal York Road Etobicoke ON M8Y 2T3  416-393-5549416-397-6074
(top^)Bishop MacdonellElementary20 Brunel Court Toronto ON M5V 0R5  416-393-5462416-397-6010
 Bishop Marrocco/Thomas MertonSecondary1515 Bloor Street West Toronto ON M6P 1A3  416-393-5545416-393-5977
 Blessed MargheritaElementary108 Spenvalley Drive Downsview ON M3L 1Z5  416-393-5409416-393-5430
 Blessed Pier Giorgio FrassatiElementary8 Seasons Drive Scarborough ON M1X 1X4  416-393-5456416-397-6168
 Blessed SacramentElementary24 Bedford Park Avenue Toronto ON M5M 1H9  416-393-5226416-393-5809
 Blessed TrinityElementary3205 Bayview Avenue Willowdale ON M2K 1G3  416-393-5289416-393-5832
 BrebeufSecondary211 Steeles Avenue East Willowdale ON M2M 3Y6  416-393-5508416-397-6404
 St BarbaraElementary25 Janray Drive Scarborough ON M1G 1Y2  416-393-5274416-393-5952
 St BarnabasElementary30 Washburn Way Scarborough ON M1B 1H3  416-393-5351416-397-6980
 St BartholomewElementary51 Heather Road Agincourt ON M1S 2E2  416-393-5334416-397-6086
 St Basil-The-GreatSecondary20 Starview Lane North York ON M9M 3B2  416-393-5513416-393-5452
 St BedeElementary521 Sewells Road Scarborough ON M1B 5H3  416-393-5425416-397-6066
 St BenedictElementary2202 Kipling Avenue Rexdale ON M9W 4K9  416-393-5267416-393-5045
 St BernardElementary12 Duckworth Street Toronto ON M6M 4W4  416-393-5261416-393-5116
 St BonaventureElementary1340 Leslie Street Don Mills ON M3C 2K9  416-393-5263416-393-5117
 St BonifaceElementary20 Markanna Drive Scarborough ON M1M 2J1  416-393-5277416-393-5487
 St BrendanElementary186 Centennial Road West Hill ON M1C 1Z9  416-393-5359416-393-5593
 St BrigidElementary50 Woodmount Avenue Toronto ON M4C 3X9  416-393-5235416-393-5815
 St Bruno/St RaymondElementary402 Melita Crescent Toronto ON M6G 3X6  416-393-5376416-393-5844
CCanadian MartyrsElementary520 Plains Road Toronto ON M4C 2Z1  416-393-5251416-397-6192
(top^)Cardinal Carter Academy (Sr)Secondary36 Greenfield Avenue Willowdale ON M2N 3C8  416-393-5556416-397-6119
 Cardinal LegerElementary600 Morrish Road West Hill ON M1C 4Y1  416-393-5419416-393-5012
 Chaminade CollegeSecondary490 Queen's Drive Toronto ON M6L 1M8  416-393-5509416-397-6093
 St CatherineElementary30 Roanoke Road Don Mills ON M3A 1E9  416-393-5316416-393-5146
 St CeciliaElementary355 Annette Street Toronto ON M6P 1R3  416-393-5218416-397-6045
 St CharlesElementary50 Claver Avenue Toronto ON M6B 2W1  416-393-5250416-393-5948
 St Charles GarnierElementary20 Stong Court Downsview ON M3N 2X9  416-393-5363416-393-5174
 St ClareElementary124 Northcliffe Boulevard Toronto ON M6E 3K4  416-393-5214416-393-5026
 St ClementElementary4319 Bloor Street West Etobicoke ON M9C 2A2  416-393-5307416-397-6319
 St ColumbaElementary10 John Tabor Trail Scarborough ON M1B 1M9  416-393-5380416-393-5604
 St ConradElementary5 Exbury Road Toronto ON M3M 0A8  416-393-5396416-393-5641
 St CyrilElementary18 Kempford Boulevard Willowdale ON M2N 2B9  416-393-5270416-393-5119
 Sts Cosmas and DamianElementary111 Danesbury Avenue North York ON M6B 3L3  416-393-5398416-393-5190
DD`Arcy McGeeElementary20 Bansley Avenue Toronto ON M6E 2A2  416-393-5318416-393-5063
(top^)Dante AlighieriSecondary2 St. Andrews Blvd Toronto ON M9R 1V8  416-393-5522416-397-6123
 St DemetriusElementary125 La Rose Avenue Weston ON M9P 1A6  416-393-5384416-393-5087
 St DenisElementary67 Balsam Avenue Toronto ON M4E 3B8  416-393-5310416-393-5827
 St Dominic SavioElementary50 Tideswell Blvd. Scarborough ON M1B 5X3  416-393-5467416-397-6597
 St DorothyElementary155 John Garland Blvd Rexdale ON M9V 1N7  416-393-5341416-512-3513
 St DunstanElementary14 Pharmacy Avenue Scarborough ON M1L 3E4  416-393-5241416-393-5801
EEpiphany of Our Lord Catholic AcademyElementary3150 Pharmacy Avenue Agincourt ON M1W 1J5  416-393-5378416-393-5602
(top^)St Edmund CampionElementary30 Highcastle Road West Hill ON M1E 4N1  416-393-5356416-393-5148
 St EdwardElementary1 Botham Road North York ON M2N 2J6  416-393-5255416-512-3381
 St ElizabethElementary5 Redcar Avenue Islington ON M9B 1J8  416-393-5278416-393-5048
 St Elizabeth SetonElementary25 Havenview Road Scarborough ON M1S 3A4  416-393-5386416-393-5608
 St EugeneElementary30 WestRoyal Road Weston ON M9P 2C3  416-393-5337416-393-5073
FFather SerraElementary111 Sun Row Drive Weston ON M9P 3J3  416-393-5391416-397-6095
(top^)Fr Henry CarrSecondary1760 Martin Grove Rexdale ON M9V 3S4  416-393-5521416-393-5692
 Fr John RedmondSecondary28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr. Etobicoke ON M8V4B7  416-393-5540416-393-5761
 Francis LibermannSecondary4640 Finch Avenue East Scarborough ON M1S 4G2  416-393-5524416-393-5891
 St FidelisElementary9 Bannerman Street Toronto ON M6L 2S5  416-393-5358416-397-6315
 St FlorenceElementary101 Murison Boulevard Scarborough ON M1B 2L6  416-393-5385416-397-6353
 St Francis AssisiElementary80 Clinton Street Toronto ON M6G 2Y3  416-393-5206416-393-5782
 St Francis de SalesElementary333 Firgrove Crescent Downsview ON M3N 1K9  416-393-5366416-229-3743
 St Francis XavierElementary53 Gracefield Avenue Toronto ON M6L 1L3  416-393-5271416-393-5121
GSt GabrielElementary396 Spring Garden Avenue Willowdale ON M2N 3H5  416-393-5256416-393-5199
(top^)St Gabriel LalemantElementary160 Crow Trail Scarborough ON M1B 1Y3  416-393-5377416-393-5601
 St GeraldElementary200 Old Sheppard Avenue Willowdale ON M2J 3L9  416-393-5319416-397-6330
 St GregoryElementary126 Rathburn Road Islington ON M9B 2K6  416-393-5262416-393-5189
HHoly AngelsElementary100 Allanhurst Dr. Etobicoke ON M9A 4K4  416-393-5329416-393-5437
(top^)Holy ChildElementary850 Humberwood Blvd Rexdale ON M9W 7A6  416-393-5433416-397-6305
 Holy CrossElementary299A Donlands Avenue Toronto ON M4J 3R7  416-393-5242416-393-5030
 Holy FamilyElementary141 Close Avenue Toronto ON M6K 2V6  416-393-5212416-393-5797
 Holy NameElementary690 Carlaw Avenue Toronto ON M4K 3K9  416-393-5215416-393-5934
 Holy RosaryElementary308 Tweedsmuir Avenue Toronto ON M5P 2Y1  416-393-5225416-397-6360
 Holy SpiritElementary3530 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough ON M1T 3K7  416-393-5282416-393-5572
 St HelenElementary1196 College Street Toronto ON M6H 1B8  416-393-5208416-397-6142
 St HenryElementary100 Bamburgh Circle Scarborough ON M1W 3R3  416-393-5395416-393-5612
IImmaculate ConceptionElementary23 Comay Road Toronto ON M6M 2K9  416-393-5281416-397-6001
(top^)Immaculate Heart of MaryElementary101 Birchmount Road Scarborough ON M1N 3J7  416-393-5272416-393-5567
 St Ignatius of LoyolaElementary2350 McCowan Road Scarborough ON M1S 4B4  416-393-5365416-393-5596
 St Isaac JoguesElementary1330 York Mills Road Don Mills ON M3A 1Z8  416-393-5315416-393-5223
JJames Cardinal McGuiganSecondary1440 Finch Avenue West Downsview ON M3J 3G3  416-393-5527416-397-6062
(top^)James CulnanElementary605 Willard Avenue Toronto ON M6S 3S1  416-393-5325416-393-5065
 Josyf Cardinal SlipyjElementary35 West Deane Park Drive Islington ON M9B 2R5  416-393-5413416-397-6044
 St JamesElementary230 Humbercrest Boulevard Toronto ON M6S 4L3  416-393-5275416-393-5046
 St Jane FrancesElementary2745 Jane Street North York ON M3L 2E8  416-393-5296416-393-5135
 St Jean De BrebeufElementary101 Dean Park Road Scarborough ON M1B 2X2  416-393-5394416-397-6003
 St JeromeElementary111 Sharpecroft Boulevard Downsview ON M3J 1P5  416-393-5294416-393-5131
 St JoachimElementary3395 St Clair Avenue East Toronto ON M1L 1W3  416-393-5292416-397-6481
 St Joan of ArcSecondary959 Midland Avenue Scarborough ON M1K 4G4  416-393-5554416-397-6152
 St John (Toronto)Elementary780 Kingston Road Toronto ON M4E 1R7  416-393-5220416-393-5211
 St John BoscoElementary75 Holmesdale Road Toronto ON M6E 1Y2  416-393-5305416-397-6325
 St John Henry NewmanSecondary100 Brimley Road South Toronto ON M1M3X4  416-393-5519416-393-5110
 St John Paul IISecondary685 Military Trail Scarborough ON M1E 4P6  416-393-5531416-393-5735
 St John The EvangelistElementary23 George St. Weston ON M9N 2B4  416-393-5244416-393-5032
 St John VianneyElementary105 Thistledown Boulevard Rexdale ON M9V 1J5  416-393-5392416-397-6026
 St John XXIIIElementary175 Grenoble Drive Don Mills ON M3C 3E7  416-393-5348416-393-5164
 St JosaphatElementary110 Tenth Street Toronto ON M8V 3G1416-393-5291416-397-6296
 St JosephElementary176 Leslie Street Toronto ON M4M 3C7  416-393-5209416-393-5871
 St Joseph CollegeSecondary74 Wellesley Street West Toronto ON M5S 1C4  416-393-5514416-397-6190
 St Joseph Morrow ParkSecondary3338 Bayview Avenue Willowdale ON M2M 3R9  416-393-5516416-397-6141
 St JudeElementary3251 Weston Road North York ON M9M 2T9  416-393-5279416-393-5122
KSt Kateri TekakwithaElementary70 Margaret Avenue Willowdale ON M2J 4C5  416-393-5393416-393-5183
(top^)St KevinElementary15 Murray Glen Drive Scarborough ON M1R 3J6  416-393-5300416-393-5268
LLoretto AbbeySecondary101 Mason Boulevard Toronto ON M5M 3E2  416-393-5510416-397-6137
(top^)Loretto CollegeSecondary151 Rosemount Avenue Toronto ON M6H 2N1  416-393-5511416-393-5879
 St LawrenceElementary2216 Lawrence Avenue East Scarborough ON M1P 2P9  416-393-5264416-397-6347
 St LeoElementary3672 Lake Shore Blvd West Toronto ON M8W 1N6  416-393-5333416-393-5071
 St LouisElementary11 Morgan Avenue Toronto ON M8Y 2Z7  416-393-5331416-397-6138
 St LuigiElementary2 Ruskin Avenue Toronto ON M6P 3P8  416-393-5370416-393-5480
MMadonnaSecondary20 Dubray Avenue Downsview ON M3K 1V5  416-393-5506416-397-6088
(top^)Marshall McLuhanSecondary1107 Avenue Road Toronto ON M5N 3B1  416-393-5561416-393-5499
 Mary WardSecondary3200 Kennedy Road Scarborough ON M1V 3S8  416-393-5544416-393-5768
 Michael Power/St JosephSecondary105 Eringate Drive Etobicoke ON M9C 3Z7  416-393-5529416-393-5742
 Mother CabriniElementary720 Renforth Drive Etobicoke ON M9C 2N9  416-393-5340416-393-5074
 Msgr Fraser (Isabella)Alt Learn Center146 Isabella Street Toronto ON M4Y 1P6  416-393-5533416-393-5912
 Msgr John CorriganElementary100 Royalcrest Road Rexdale ON M9V 5B4  416-393-5399416-393-5090
 Msgr Percy JohnsonSecondary2170 Kipling Avenue Rexdale ON M9W 4K9  416-393-5535416-393-5900
 St MalachyElementary80 Bennett Road West Hill ON M1E 3Y3  416-393-5336416-393-5585
 St MarcellusElementary15 Denfield Street Weston ON M9R 3H2  416-393-5311416-393-5060
 St MargaretElementary85 Carmichael Avenue Toronto ON M5M 2X1  416-393-5249416-393-5111
 St Marguerite BourgeoysElementary75 Alexmuir Boulevard Agincourt ON M1V 1H6  416-393-5381416-393-5606
 St Maria GorettiElementary21 Kenmark Boulevard Scarborough ON M1K 3N8  416-393-5260416-397-6371
 St MarkElementary45 Cloverhill Rd Etobicoke ON M8Y 1T4  416-393-5332416-393-5382
 St MarthaElementary1865 Sheppard Avenue West Downsview ON M3L 1Y5  416-393-5344416-397-6321
 St Martin de PorresElementary230 Morningside Avenue West Hill ON M1E 3E1  416-393-5286416-393-5574
 St MaryElementary20 Portugal Square Toronto ON M6J 3P2  416-393-5205416-393-5781
 St Mary Catholic AcademySecondary66 Dufferin Park Avenue Toronto ON M6H 1J6  416-393-5528416-393-5498
 St Mary of the AngelsElementary1477 Dufferin Street Toronto ON M6H 4C7  416-393-5228416-393-5812
 St MatthewElementary18 Lavender Road Toronto ON M6N 2B5  416-393-5240416-397-6101
 St MatthiasElementary111 Aspenwood Drive Willowdale ON M2H 2G2  416-393-5357416-393-5168
 St MauriceElementary45 Kingsview Boulevard Weston ON M9R 1T7  416-393-5379416-393-5085
 St MichaelElementary50 George Street South Toronto ON M5A 4B2  416-393-5387416-397-6057
 St Michael Choir (Sr)Secondary67 Bond Street Toronto ON M5B 1X2  416-393-5518416-393-5880
 St MonicaElementary14 Broadway Avenue Toronto ON M4P 1T4  416-393-5224416-393-5980
 St Mother Teresa Catholic AcademySecondary40 Sewells Road Scarborough ON M1B 3G5  416-393-5538416-393-5479
NNativity of Our LordElementary35 Saffron Crescent Etobicoke ON M9C 3T8  416-393-5288416-393-5053
(top^)Neil McNeilSecondary127 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto ON M4E 3S2  416-393-5502416-512-3386
 Notre DameSecondary12 Malvern Avenue Toronto ON M4E 3E1  416-393-5501416-393-5631
 St NicholasElementary33 Amarillo Drive Scarborough ON M1J 2P7  416-393-5308416-393-5581
 St Nicholas of BariElementary363 Rogers Road Toronto ON M6E 1R6  416-393-5355416-393-5080
 St NorbertElementary60 Maniza Road Downsview ON M3K 1R6  416-393-5309416-393-5187
OO L of the AssumptionElementary125 Glenmount Avenue Toronto ON M6B 3C2  416-393-5265416-393-5754
(top^)O L of FatimaElementary3176 St Clair Avenue East Scarborough ON M1L 1V6  416-393-5252416-393-5559
 O L of GraceElementary121 Brimwood Boulevard Scarborough ON M1V 1E5  416-393-5372416-393-5598
 O L of GuadalupeElementary3105 Don Mills Road Willowdale ON M2J 3C2  416-393-5342416-397-6348
 O L of LourdesElementary444 Sherbourne Street Toronto ON M4X 1K2  416-393-5221416-393-5806
 O L of PeaceElementary70 Mattice Avenue Islington ON M9B 1T6  416-393-5253416-397-6061
 O L of Perpetual HelpElementary1 1/2 Garfield Avenue Toronto ON M4T 1E6  416-393-5239416-393-5818
 O L of SorrowsElementary32 Montgomery Road Toronto ON M8X 1Z4  416-393-5246416-393-5031
 O L of VictoryElementary70 Guestville Avenue Toronto ON M6N 4N3  416-393-5247416-397-6310
 O L of WisdomElementary10 Japonica Road Scarborough ON M1R 4R7  416-393-5273416-393-5434
 St Oscar RomeroSecondary99 Humber Boulevard Toronto ON M6N 2H4  416-393-5555416-393-5010
PPope FrancisElementary319 Ossington Avenue Toronto ON M6J 3A6  416-393-5347416-397-6002
(top^)Precious BloodElementary1035 Pharmacy Avenue Scarborough ON M1R 2G8  416-393-5258416-397-6362
 Prince of PeaceElementary255 Alton Towers Circle Scarborough ON M1V 4E7  416-393-5416416-397-6005
 St Paschal BaylonElementary15 Paschal Court Willowdale ON M2M 1X6  416-393-5283416-229-3748
 St Patrick SecondarySecondary49 Felstead Avenue Toronto ON M4J 1G3  416-393-5546416-397-6685
 St PaulElementary80 Sackville Street Toronto ON M5A 3E5  416-393-5204416-397-6586
 St Paul VIElementary270 Laughton Avenue Toronto ON M6N 2X8  416-393-5374416-393-5842
 St Pius XElementary71 Jane Street Toronto ON M6S 3Y3  416-393-5237416-397-6084
RRegina MundiElementary70 Playfair Avenue Toronto ON M6B 2P9  416-393-5362416-393-5400
(top^)St RaphaelElementary3 Gade Drive Downsview ON M3M 2K2  416-393-5285416-393-5127
 St Rene GoupilElementary44 Port Royal Trail Scarborough ON M1V 2G8  416-393-5408416-393-5773
 St RichardElementary960 Bellamy Road North Scarborough ON M1H 1H1  416-393-5301416-397-6482
 St RitaElementary178 Edwin Avenue Toronto ON M6P 3Z9  416-393-5216416-393-5803
 St RobertElementary70 Bainbridge Avenue Downsview ON M3H 2K2  416-393-5297416-393-5898
 St RochElementary174 Duncanwoods Drive Weston ON M9L 2E3  416-393-5320416-393-5151
 St Rose Of LimaElementary3220 Lawrence Avenue East Scarborough ON M1H 1A4  416-393-5269416-397-6006
SSacred HeartElementary75 Hupfield Trail Scarborough ON M1B 4S3  416-393-5415416-393-5946
(top^)Santa MariaElementary25 Avon Avenue Toronto ON M6N 4X8  416-393-5368416-393-5083
 Senator O`ConnorSecondary60 Rowena Drive Toronto ON M3A 3R2  416-393-5505416-393-5916
 St SebastianElementary717 Brock Avenue Toronto ON M6H 3P1  416-393-5354416-393-5836
 St SimonElementary24 Strathburn Boulevard Toronto ON M9M 2K3  416-393-5383416-397-6299
 St StephenElementary55 Golfdown Drive Rexdale ON M9W 2H8  416-393-5284416-397-6324
 St SylvesterElementary260 Silver Springs Blvd Scarborough ON M1V 1S4  416-393-5373416-393-5600
 Stella MarisElementary31 Ascot Avenue Toronto ON M6E 1E6  416-393-5371416-393-5841
TSt Theresa ShrineElementary2665 Kingston Road Scarborough ON M1M 1M2  416-393-5248416-397-6492
(top^)St Thomas AquinasElementary636 Glenholme Avenue Toronto ON M6E 3G9  416-393-5236416-397-6096
 St Thomas MoreElementary2300 Ellesmere Road Scarborough ON M1G 3M7  416-393-5322416-397-6297
 St TimothyElementary25 Rochelle Crescent Willowdale ON M2J 1Y3  416-393-5298416-397-6313
 The Divine InfantElementary30 Ingleton Boulevard Scarborough ON M1V 3H7  416-393-5414416-393-5937
 The Holy TrinityElementary6 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr M8V 4B7 ON TORONTO  416-393-5417416-397-6083
 TransfigurationElementary55 Ludstone Drive Weston ON M9R 2J2  416-393-5276416-397-6075
USt UrsulaElementary215 Livingston Road Scarborough ON M1E 1L8  416-393-5306416-397-6550
VSt VictorElementary20 Bernadine Street Scarborough ON M1P 4M2  416-393-5338416-393-5586
(top^)St Vincent de PaulElementary116 Fermanagh Avenue Toronto ON M6R 1M2  416-393-5227416-393-5873
 Venerable John MerliniElementary123 Whitfield Avenue Weston ON M9L 1G9  416-393-5397416-393-5947
WSt WilfridElementary1685 Finch Avenue West Downsview ON M3J 2G8  416-393-5313416-393-5143
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