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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School Year Calendar


As Approved by the Board

Number of school days                                        194 
Number of Professional Activity Days                7 
Labour Day                                                            September 5, 2016 
First Instructional Day                                         September 6, 2016 
Thanksgiving Day                                                 October 10, 2016 
Christmas Break                                                   December 26, 2016–January 6, 2017 
Start of second semester for
secondary schools                                               February 6, 2017 
Family Day                                                              February 20, 2017 
Mid-Winter Break                                                  March 13–17, 2017 
Good Friday                                                           April 14, 2017 
Easter Monday                                                      April 17, 2017 
Victoria Day                                                            May 22, 2017 
Last day of classes for elementary students    June 29, 2017

Seven (7) Professional Activity (PA) Days for ELEMENTARY schools: 

October 7, 2016 Provincial Education Priorities 
November 18, 2016 Parent-Teacher Conferences 
December 2, 2016 Provincial Education Priorities/Faith Development 
January 20, 2017 Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting 
February 17, 2017 Parent-Teacher Conferences 
June 9, 2017 Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting 
June 30, 2017 Provincial Education Priorities 

*Seven (7) Professional Activity (PA) Days for SECONDARY schools: 

October 7, 2016 
November 18, 2016 
December 2, 2016 
February 17, 2017 
June 28, 29, 30, 2017 
Three PA days devoted to Provincial Education Priorities and supporting Article 19 of the Collective Agreement. 
One PA day devoted to Faith Development. 
The remaining three PA days will be devoted to system priorities, annual learning plans and local goals articulated in the School Learning Improvement Plans. 

* After consultation with their LSSAC, secondary schools may choose to change one of the above PA days, provided there is no cost to the Board.
Download PA Day and Exam Day Calendar 2016-2017  

School Year Calendars 2014-2019 From the Ontario Ministry of Education Website

Please Note
that future years calendars are subject to change by individual school boards.  
The school board calendar is considered/approved by the Board  in March/April each year. Please check for confirmation of next year's calendar once it has been approved.

2014-2015 to 2018-2019

  1. The following charts are provided for the guidance of school board officials in the preparation of school year calendars. School boards are required to prepare, adopt, and submit to the Ministry of Education, on or before May 1st of each year, the school year calendar(s) to be followed in the next school year. The regular school year is the period between September 1 and June 30.

  2. The school year calendars must be completed in accordance with the Education Act and Regulation 304, School Year Calendar, Professional Activity Days. Where a board wishes to adopt a school year calendar that is different from the requirements in section 2 of the regulation, the board shall submit the proposed school year calendar to the Ministry of Education for approval on or before March 1st of the preceding school year.


    School Year
    Total number of school days available
    (Sept. 1 – June 30)
    Minimum number of school days required by regulation


    School Holidays
    Labour Day
    Sept. 5
    Sept. 4
    Sept. 3
    Thanksgiving Day
    Oct. 10
    Oct. 9
    Oct. 8
    Christmas break (inclusive)
    Dec. 26, 2016 – Jan 6, 2017
    Dec. 25 – Jan. 5
    Dec. 24 – Jan. 4
    Family Day
    Feb. 20
    Feb. 19
    Feb. 18
    Mid-Winter break (inclusive)
    March 13-17
    March 12-16
    March 11-15
    Good Friday
    April 14
    March 30
    April 19
    Easter Monday
    April 17
    April 2
    April 22
    Victoria Day
    May 22
    May 21
    May 20

    Please Note

A School Board may modify school calendar dates with prior approval of the Ministry. Please contact your school board to see if their School Holidays have been modified.




Summer Holidays
Canada Day*
July 1
July 1
Civic Holiday
August 7
August 6



* When this day falls on a Sunday, the next working day is considered a holiday.