Banner - National AccessAbility Week 2024 - From May 26 to June 1 - Forward Together: Accessibility and Inclusion for All
An image consists of an illustration of a brain with 'Brain Cancer Awareness Grey Day May 27' written on it.
Banner with the text "Laudato Si'Week 2024 - Seeds of Hope" superimposed over a faded photograph of two seedlings shooting out of the ground.
An picture consists of 3 graphics illustrating chat, speech and hearing with 'May is Speech, Language and Hearing Month' written on the image.
An image consists of 2 pictures representing Asian Canadian Heritage Month and Polish Canadian Heritage Month
An image with the Catholic Education Centre in background with 'National Family and Life Week - May 13 to 17, 2024' written on it.
Collage of a painting and a photo of two people in Vyshyvanka set against a backdrop that's a closeup of a Vyshyvanka, along with a mosaic map of Ukraine with different regional fabric patterns.
Two photos of TCDSB students in traditional Ukrainian clothing for the Patronal festival
An image consists of a heart and a cross with 'Catholic Education: We Are Called to Love' and 'May 5-10, 2024' written on it.
An image of grass with 'Wellness' written on it.
Collage of three photos showing displays of various red dresses.
An image of a person typing on a laptop with 'Applications now open' written on it.
An abstract background with 'Budget Consultation - Share Your Feedback' written on it.
An image of a girl in pink shirt doing math problems on a blackboard.
An image of the Catholic Education Centre building with 'Anne Marie D’Amico Day of Kindness and Love' written on it.
An image of an empty classroom with 'Happy World Principals' day - Celebrating Principals and Vice-Principals' written on it.
An image with a background consists of flowers, laptop and a gift. Happy Administrative Professionals Day is written on the image.
An image of a group of volunteers smiling at the camera, with Thank You Volunteers written on the picture.